financial education

financial education

Agrarian Bank

The Mobile Agrarian Bank is an initiative with which we want to reach every corner of the country, bringing education, services and an interactive experience to all families in the Colombian countryside, as well as directly supporting rural entrepreneurs and agricultural workers in their entry into the financial system and the acquisition of products and services.


To bring the digital experience of Banco Agrario to dispersed rural areas, farms and agricultural industries nationwide, enabling customers to access and use digital channels for transactions, queries, product requests and payments without having to travel to the municipalities or queue up in long lines at the branches.


Interactive Mobile Unit with an outdoor promotional screen, an educational ATM, informative and interactive screens with fun applications for the whole family, and two financial and transactional advice modules.

At e-motion we were in charge of the design, production and 360° operation of the campaign at national level in alliance with the agency Grupo Zea.

In addition, we developed the pedagogical experience of the ATM.

characteristics of the mobile unit

Removable mobile bus unit with 24 m2 of activity area, outdoor LED screen, satellite Internet and access platform for people with reduced mobility.