Mobile Units, a tool to bring health services closer to the territories

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Mobile Health Units
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    Public health has become a high priority for private companies and public institutions, and this is thanks to the lessons learned from the recent global crisis. Investing in people's health and wellbeing is a key element to ensure the economic and social development of an entire country, and even more so when it comes to bringing health services closer to the territories

    The above can be evidenced by the "change of chip" in the patient care systems, taking into account that until 2020 health services were oriented to face-to-face care of people, while in 2021 the health promoting entities already had multiple channels of telephone, virtual and home medical care, becoming a highly effective solution to streamline care and meet the primary needs of people, guaranteeing their right to health and avoiding the collapse of care systems.

    Another important fact has to do with the incorporation of disruptive models of comprehensive health care, based on the identification of primary care routes that have the capacity to address the highest risk problems of the communities, with solutions that contribute to the collective wellbeing. This is the case of the new territorial health model of Bogota, called "Salud a Mi Barrio" "Salud a Mi Vereda", implemented by the Mayor's Office of Bogota, with the support of the District Health Secretariat and its purpose of providing care services to citizens with "closer, more timely, dignified and appropriate solutions for each territory".

    This change in perspective has undoubtedly brought new challenges, among them the search for alternatives supported by technology and innovation to bring health services closer to the citizens. Therefore, for the development of this strategy, the Secretary of Health made available to the South and Southwest Integrated Health Sub-networks E.S.E., mobile units to travel to each of the localities and neighborhoods of the city. E.S.E., mobile units to visit each of the localities and neighborhoods they are in charge of.

    All this, through programmed routes and parking in strategic points of these places, previously identified by an interdisciplinary team, in charge of registering cases of higher risk in mental health and consumption of psychoactive substances.

    With these mobile units, the local authorities seek to provide close to 1,000 monthly services in vulnerable and hard-to-reach areas. Each mobile unit is equipped with 3 medical offices, a bathroom with its own water system, an access platform for people with reduced mobility, an outdoor support tent and a team of professionals in the areas of psychology, dentistry, general medicine, nursing, social work and a community manager.

    With this new territorial health model, a new preventive health scenario capable of visiting people anywhere is proposed, and this is where e-motion's special mobile units become a valuable tool to fulfill this purpose of bringing health and wellness services closer to citizens.

    In this link you can learn about the special mobile units that e-motion can design, manufacture, adapt and operate to support the campaigns, plans, programs and itinerant projects of your company or institution.


    1. Walter Fernando Rodriguez Tauta on 16 August 2022 at 20:53

      I am looking for a mobile bus to buy, I would like to know if you have any contact if possible, I would appreciate it.

      • Natalia Figueredo on 24 August 2022 at 12:36

        Walter, thank you for contacting us. You can contact Diana Maldonado at for personalized attention.

    2. HANDS WITHOUT LIMITS FOUNDATION on 1 September 2022 at 17:43

      Good Afternoon

      We are a non-profit organization, FUNDACION MANOS SIN LIMITES BOGOTA we are interested in knowing, socialize and to schedule a dental campaign, for the most vulnerable population, in Utica Cundinamarca and Geriatric Home Sasaima.
      We request information.
      3203183049- 3147892426 Monica Avila

      • Natalia Figueredo on September 23, 2022 at 07:10 am

        Monica, welcome to e-motion, thank you for your interest in our traveling campaigns. We have sent your contact information to our team of consultants. We will contact you soon. Have a nice day.

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