We are e-motion

We are a communication company that develops itinerant campaigns through Mobile Units. We bring people together meaningful experiences creating spaces unique e InnovatorsThe company's goal is to offer the possibility of reaching its target audience with its brand, product or service. See more

In addition to campaigns itinerantesat e-motion We designed, we built and we adapt special mobile units for specific needs. See more

  • More than 500 campaigns executed
  • 100 Clients
  • Business in 10 countries in Latin America.

17 years in the World

We have taken thousands of experiences throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and North Africa: education, promotion, care and awareness campaigns, as well as hundreds of mobile units for security and defence, hospitals, emergency care and mobile TV studios.

In Colombia...

We have achieved total coverage of the territory with our Mobile Units and Support Solutions.

We take our clients' image and services directly to their target audience regardless of the geographical conditions, crossing mountains, valleys and rivers... We go far to be closer!

Of departmental coverage
Millions of users impacted

Our Clients

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We create and conceptualize your communication strategy. We make sure that the action plan, the tools provided, the development of digital, virtual experiences and experience are aligned with the fulfillment of their goals... We always aim to transcend!

Design and creativity

We created innovative spaces for demand generation and therefore we have full control of the creative process: 2D and 3D graphic designimage management, technology and telecommunications focused on creating unforgettable experiences.

Project management

We carry out the integral management of each campaign. We take care of plan the activities, manage the needs, lead work teams, as well as performing Evaluation performance and reporting of results... Our management is dynamic and adapts to the needs of each campaign!
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  • Leidy Gaitan

    The management of each project is a challenge for the team, the geographical and social diversity of the continent forces us to be multidisciplinary, precise and schematic. It is not only logistics, it is analysis and planning.

    Leidy Gaitan

    e-motion Project Director
  • Jair Manuel Villalba

    Each of our mobile units is built to the needs... We don't have a mold!

    Jair Manuel Villalba

    e-motion Production Manager
  • José Luis López

    We design unique, impressive and memorable spaces and strategies. We are excited to generate in your clients and consumers unforgettable moments and meaningful experiences.

    José Luis López

    e-motion Experience Manager
  • Gustavo Velasquez

    Each project is different and particular, this encourages us to constantly create new and unique things...

    Gustavo Velasquez

    e-motion Commercial Director
  • Diego Rodriguez

    We have an empowered team. The dedication and commitment of each one of us allows us to innovate, do things better and better for our clients and continue to evolve.

    Diego Rodriguez

    e-motion CEO- General Manager

Our Work

Learn about the different ways in which a Mobile Unit can be adapted to a marketing campaign and add value to it.

1.Experiential Marketing
2. Pop Up Store
3. Innovation
4. Special Mobile Units

Sales Team

Professionals in charge of identifying the needs of our clients to transform them into unique and memorable experiences.

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    • Diego Rodríguez - General Manager/CEO.
    • Gustavo Velásquez - Commercial Director.
    • Diana Maldonado - Commercial Manager.
    • Milena Rodríguez - Commercial Manager.
    • Leonora Uribe - Commercial Manager Medellín.
    • Laima Slotkus J. - Marketing Coordinator.

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    • José Luis López - Experience Director.
    • Daniel Pinzón - Senior Designer.
    • Julio Alejandro Córdoba - 3D Designer.
    • Nadya Bayona - Social Communicator.
    • Oscar Andrés Mora - Audiovisual Communicator.
    • Wilter Macías - Designer and Finisher

Experience Management

Designers, illustrators, audiovisual producers, advertisers and communicators generate an ideal ecosystem for the generation of new ideas, concepts and experiences, tangible only in our campaigns.


Production Team

They are responsible for building the most spectacular and effective mobile units. We have:

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    • Leidy Gaitán- Project Director.
    • Carlos Andrés Acevedo- Project Coordinator.
    • Julio Yepes - Project Coordinator.
    • José Jaime Rodríguez - Project Coordinator.
    • Alexander Sanchez - Project Coordinator.
    • Steffany Gómez- Project Coordinator.
    • Viviana Gil - Project Coordinator.
    • Ana María Giraldo - Project Coordinator Medellín.
    • Cristian Asprilla - Project Coordinator Medellín.
    • Ana María Foronda- Coordinator of Projects Medellín.
    • Eliana Lizcano - Project Coordinator Cauca.

Project Management Team

They are the ones who make it possible for our campaigns to reach everywhere, in charge of the logistics, management, evaluation and monitoring of each project from its structuring.

Field Crew Team

This team takes the reins of each project, they are the ones who lead the activities and provide direct attention to our clients, and to our clients' clients:

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    • Administrative and Financial Team.
    • Human talent.
    • Shopping.

Administrative Team

Success would not be possible without a team that monitors and supports our performance from within, and that is aware of the well-being and needs of our employees.

Traffic and Technology Equipment

They are the ones who make it possible for our campaigns to have the latest in technology and make all the client's needs for innovation and connectivity a reality.


Medellin Highway Km. 1
Los Robles Bodega 8 Business Center.
Cota - Colombia.
Postal code: 250017

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